Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am the Douchelord

I regularly find myself with the urge to write really pseudointellectual dross. OK, I constantly feel that urge. I have these ideas that seem really interesting to me, like interpreting Jonathan Coulton's song structure through the Monomyth, that would appeal to exactly nobody else. OK, not nobody else. The internet exists to make sure that there's someone else who would read your ramblings. that doesn't make it OK. Hopefully you will not read my upcoming piece: Joseph Campbell and Skullcrusher Mountain. Hopefully I'll know better.

(For the record, it was actually The Future Soon that inspired this. I just felt very strongly that Skullcrusher Mountain made for a funnier theoretical book. The Future Soon is a great example of storytelling in songwriting in a really interesting frame and NO BILL STOP IT YOU DAMNED DEIRTY NERD.)

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