Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Something's Coming.

When I get a text message on my new phone, it vibrates for about a half a second before the ringtone sounds. When my phone is sitting on my desk, it vibrates the whole desk, of course, and I feel it in my arms. This gives me a moment of weird, Jurassic-Park-ripples-in-the-water-glass-esque panic. Vibrate: Something's Coming! This would be just a bit amusing if it weren't for two things: first, I'm really paranoid, so I'm already on the verge of taking the loony train to crazytown, and these sorts of things never help. Second, it's just quick enough that it doesn't register and make it all the way to the thinking parts of my brain, just to the reactive, let's-throw-some-chemicals parts. So I have this panicked Something's Coming! moment, then my text message sounds. So, since I'm not consciously aware of what caused that feeling, I think that I just knew that a text was coming, and I assume, since I'm feeling a tiny bit panicky for no reason, that it must be terrible news.

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