Monday, May 25, 2009

Facebook again.

It's safe to assume that Facebook will be using these "I'm a fan of" things to algorithmically pigeonhole everyone on the site for ad targeting. I imagine a checkbox list
  • 'I'm selling ironic sweatervests, so I'll check the boxes for "craft hipsters," "indierock snobs," and "geek chic kids."' 
  • 'I'm selling Chinese character tattoos, so I'll check the boxes for "tuner nerds" and "white-guy blues fratties."' 
  • 'I'm selling pocket-sized Kierkegaard books, so I'll check the box for "unemployed pseudo-intellectuals who foolishly think that they can manage to defy the Empire's pigeonholing algorithm." Man, that's specific. Hrm, better check "secret furries," too.'

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