Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The 24th Flavor

Dr. Pepper is Delicious. Nobody in their right mind has claimed otherwise since 1885. However, despite the careful balance of 23 flavors that makes it so wonderful, I have long believed that somewhere out there is a Secret Final Ingredient that would make it more than fantastic, a 24th Flavor to make Dr. Pepper max out on the Delicious Scale. I have spent my life tirelessly seeking this Holy Grail of Sodapop. Well, I've mixed a variety of things into it, anyway. Cherry Dr. Pepper is great. Strawberry Dr. Pepper is marvy. Chocolate Dr. Pepper is a little bit gross. Lime Dr. Pepper is great with Mexican Food. In high school I tried pot Dr. Pepper, but results were a little inconclusive. But never have I found that true, Perfect taste. Until today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The 24th Flavor:

The 24th Flavor
MATCHA! Just add a little Matcha powder to your DP, mix, and enjoy. No need to infuse. It's kind of like Green Tea Ice Cream, only better, and liquid, and all Dr. Peppery. As to ratios, I used a 12 ounce bottle of the soda, and some Matcha. I dunno, like maybe a teaspoon? Half a teaspoon? I dunno, I just lazily poured some in. I shook it up a bit to mix. It made it a bit flat, but that's fine by me. It also made the fizz green, which I consider a very big bonus. Plus, it adds delicious healthy antioxidants and all that shit that's in the green tea (I assume), so it's a health drink! And, it adds a good bit of caffeine, so it's an energy drink! Can't beat that with a stick (not without it going really, really flat).
While I feel that I have found the perfect additive, the True 24th Flavor, I also feel that we must never stop experimenting. Next, we will be trying chai. And possibly pumpkin chai. It'll be like Autumn Starbucks Dr. Pepper.

Edit: When I came up with the idea to add Matcha, I did it as soon as I could find my powder. I tried it, and got very excited because it's really, really good. So excited that I went ahead and texted and emailed a few friends and made this post before I even finished the bottle. I now have, and have a further observation: I am not used to drinking something with this much caffeine. I'm shaking like a subway junkie, and it's fucking awesome.

Edit mk II: A friend suggested trying this with my beloved Mountain Dew. I haven't yet, but I can speculate. It won't be as good as Green Tea Dr. Pepper, but I think it'll work. It will also be the soda equivalent of crystal meth, which is not to say that it shouldn't be tried. Also, I hope very much for the chance to make Green Tea Dublin Dr. Pepper.

Edit mk III: I should probably find a job or something.

Edit mk IV (July 23, 2010): I tried it, the Matcha and Mountain Dew. It doesn't work. It's criminally awful. But I was right about the "soda equivalent of crystal meth" thing, so there's that.


Roberta said...

You are a freakin tar-tar! I want to try some, where do you buy matcha anyway?

Amoebic said...

Good luck on the job thing, if you haven't found something already.
Still looking on this coast.

Shit ain't so hot right now, but one must do what one can to keep their head above water.