Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Movie Will Change Everything

Our protagonist is a young filmmaker on the rise with a unique skill set and a reputation for keeping his mouth shut. He is called in by Matt Groening to help a team recover the stolen film of a scene that shows Marge Simpson cheating on Homer, a film that never should have been made, and certainly must never get out (to avoid a domino effect of destruction of American Society). The team recovering the film from the Clever Terrorist who is threatening its release is a rogue French Special Forces unit that was once assigned to be the French Special Forces Liason to Matt Groening. It is led by the beautiful but distant and inscrutable Romantic Interest.

The film is told within a frame story wherein Matt Groening and our Young Protagonist are discussing, in a very tense scene in Matt Groening's lavish hotel, the various conceits of action movies.

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