Thursday, July 07, 2005


so, I went to get a gallon of milk at like 9:00 pm. after I got the milk, I stopped on my way home in legend's to see chris for a minute. there was a really really hot new bartender, and only a few guys in there. I got another beer so I could hit on the hot bartender more, and she kept giving me these little cups of tequila, and next thing you know I'm giving her my business card and telling her that she should throw it out on her way out the door. Then, it's 3:00. the milk is warm in the truck. I have class at 9:30 and then work. this will not be pretty. I blame the cute girl with the absurdly short plaid skirt behind the bar.
[edit: This night set off a chain of similar evenings. I kept going in to drink a single beer and coming out way, way drunk. It continued for what seems like months. To this day I tell the story of the bartender that tried to kill me with tiny cups. She was a strange girl, Allie; a Jew who attended a Southern Baptist school and was an ardent creationist. She did look good in that skirt, though. Played soccer. -2008]


Perry Jones said...

Dude, you're still in college, you don't have to actually go to class, and there was a vagina involved.

You did exactly the right thing.

Anonymous said...

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